About ESY

Welcome to Every Second Year. This is a blog about power — the people seeking it and how voters decide who deserves it. ESY is bare-bones, meaning our focus is on publishing quality content rather than fancy graphics or a pretty website. Sign up for email notifications when new posts are up to the right (for computers) or at the bottom of the page (for mobile). 

Specifically, ESY is about the race for the 2020 United States House of Representatives — the 435 members who, according to the Constitution “shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States”.

The blog has three parts:

1. Big picture analyses of the 2020 House Race. These posts will use electoral history, trends and data to understand the state of the 2020 election. They’re aptly labeled,The Big Picture“.

2. Analyses of closely contested contested 2020 races. These posts are labeled “2020 Battlegrounds”. They will look at the 2018 election, explain what’s going on in the current election cycle, profile 2020 candidates and review the district’s demographic & electoral data . 

3. Candidate interviews to complement “2020 Battlegrounds” posts. There will be both edited & condensed interviews, with only the most interesting parts of the conversations, as well as extended interviews, which will include the messy, unedited parts.

#1 is the primary focus, with posts coming out every Sunday. #2 and #3 are less frequent and have no regular publication day. I also occasionally (but rarely) write about other political topics: Presidential primaries, scandals, Cardi B’s views of the government shutdown. You know … the important stuff. These come without more rarely and are labeledFun Posts“. 

Be warned: other than in candidate interviews, this is a policy-light blog. But how we choose our leaders is important! It matters for our country’s short-term policies and long-term survival.  Democracy is not predetermined. Societies can — and usually do — break down. 

Every Second Year is written by Seth Moskowitz. He graduated from Emory University in 2017 and specializes in political and non-profit communications. He has been published as a Guest Columnist on Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Want to reach Seth? Email him at s.k.moskowitz@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @skmoskowitz.